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My grasp of web2py's DAL hasn't been tested for a couple of years, and I'm struggling to get back up to speed.

I've got 5 tables forming 2 many-to-many relationships:




    Field('testcase', 'reference testcases'),
    Field('tester', 'reference testers')

    Field('requirement', 'reference requirements'),
    Field('testcase', 'reference testcases')

and I want to find out the following:

  • for those requirements that have multiple test cases attached to them, what is the requirement description and which test case IDs are assigned to it?
  • how many testcases have multiple requirements attached to them?
  • how many testers have >5 test cases assigned to them?
  • which test cases aren't assigned to testers?

(It's actually a bit more complicated than that, but I'm trying to reduce the problem down to something a bit less mind-melting...)

Could someone please help me out with the web2py DAL for these queries? I'm aware that it's reasonably straightforward to solve these using multiple requests to the database for each "question", but ideally I'd like to do each of them in a single request.

Thanks in advance

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