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My log4j.properties is:


I have many tomcat server run the application,and all of them run normal with the right log but one of them do not normal,it generate the log file:

    xrzgather.log  182M  
    xrzgather.log.19  254M  
    xrzgather.log.45  48.6M  
    xrzgather.log.50  400M  
    xrzgather.log.90  20.8M  
    xrzgather.log.92  66.3M  
    xrzgather.log.99  11.9M

Has anyone know what's wrong?

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Try debugging log4j configuration with log4j.debug? –  Miserable Variable Sep 24 '13 at 2:08

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I find the reason..
I config a Context element in %tomcat_home%\conf\Server.xml like this:

<Context path="xrz-gather" docBase="xrz-gather-web-1.0-SNAPSHOT" />

if I remove this,log will be normal.

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