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I am trying to find out a way to handle unhandled exceptions at server side. I want control over exception handling at Domain Service level so that when any operation is called then I can log the exception and wrap it in some beautiful words to send it to the client. I found many ways for WCF and classic web services but nothing for RIA services. Please provide your suggestions.

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You need to override the DomainService.OnError method as described in this WCF RIA Services Exception Handling blog entry. I've done this in a base DomainService class rather than in each individual DomainService class in my application as shown below. The errorInfo.Error property does not have a setter so I don't think you can replace the exception object with your own, but the <system.web><customErrors mode="On" /> config element can prevent the details of the exception being exposed to the client.

public class DomainServiceBase : DomainService
    protected override void OnError(DomainServiceErrorInfo errorInfo)
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You can look for specific Errors and then throw a DomainException, which is different than the standard DomainOperationException. The DomainException has an ErrorCode in it, that can be used on the client to specify a condition that will be dealt with differently on the client.

See Kyle McClellan's response at Kyle's blog is a very good resource for these types of questions as well.

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