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I'm trying to grab HTML tags with regex to format using prawn's methods. I've got this so far:

def format(pdf, string)
  regex_string = "\n|" +
                 "<b>(.*)<\/b>|" +
                 "<h3>(.*)<\/h3>|" +
                 "<strong>(.*)<\/strong>|" +
  regex = Regexp.new(regex_string, Regexp::MULTILINE)
  tokens = string.gsub("\n", " ").gsub(/<br\s*\/?>/, "\n").scan(regex)
  tokens.each do |breaker|
    case breaker
    when "<b>(.*)<\/b>", "<strong>(.*)<\/strong>"
      pdf.text breaker.to_s, :size => 10
    when "<h3>(.*)<\/h3>"
      pdf.text breaker.to_s, :size => 16
      pdf.text breaker.to_s, :size => 10, :leading => 1

I think my regex is wrong though and I cannot figure out what it should be. I'm getting a rather weird array printout with that method. Any help'd be great!


Changing (.*) to (.*?) got the right tags in Rubular, but all the outputs except those in the HTML tags above are [nil, nil, nil] in threes.

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Without actually testing it myself, it could be operating on empty array elements. Try something like:

tokens = string.gsub("\n", " ").gsub(/<br\s*\/?>/, "\n").scan(regex).compact

For general HTML parsing, Nokogiri is probably the best option out there (for Rails):

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Thanks for the suggestion. Turns out Nokogiri was way better at what I wanted. –  booltox Sep 25 '13 at 23:37
Shoot, if I had known you were open to that, I'd have suggested it! Doesn't get much better for parsing HTML in rails. I'll update my answer to reflect that. –  tyler Sep 26 '13 at 1:27

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