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I want to get IMEI from c by JNI, I use the code below, but met the error that failed to get cls, it always returned NULL.I checked env and context, they were all right.Why couldn't me get the Context class? I searched from the internet, someone says we should use java/lang/Object instead of using android/context/Context, I tried this, it works, cls wasn't NULL any longer,but it caused new error when I call getSystemService, maybe because common java/lang/Object dosn't have this method.Could anyone help me?3Q.

char * get_dev_id(JNIEnv *env, jobject context)
    jclass cls = (*env)->FindClass(env, "android/context/Context");   
    // ---------------- cls == NULL all the time

    jmethodID mid = (*env)->GetMethodID(env, cls, "getSystemService", "(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/Object;");
    jfieldID fid = (*env)->GetStaticFieldID(env, cls, "TELEPHONY_SERVICE", "Ljava/lang/String;");
    jstring str = (*env)->GetStaticObjectField(env, cls, fid);
    jobject telephony = (*env)->CallObjectMethod(env, context, mid, str);
    cls = (*env)->FindClass(env, "android/telephony/TelephonyManager");
    mid =(*env)->GetMethodID(env, cls, "getDeviceId", "()Ljava/lang/String;");
    str = (*env)->CallObjectMethod(env, telephony, mid);
    jsize len = (*env)->GetStringUTFLength(env, str);
    char* deviceId = calloc(len + 1, 1);
    (*env)->GetStringUTFRegion(env, str, 0, len, deviceId);
    (*env)->DeleteLocalRef(env, str);
    /* to get a string in deviceId */

    return deviceId;
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Yes, I've loaded the jni.so, and the context I passed into the function is the this.getApplicationContext() result of MainActivity, am I somewhere wrong? –  Suge Sep 24 '13 at 4:43
I got it, it should be "android/content/Context", not "android/context/Context", looks many one got wrong. –  Suge Sep 24 '13 at 15:21

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