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I am new to webgl and three.js so don't have much knowledge about it. Can anybody tell me how to add vertex or point geometry in webgl scene using three.js?

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Might I recommend looking at the introductory examples at stemkoski.github.io/Three.js ? –  Lee Stemkoski Sep 24 '13 at 14:07
Thank you Lee Stemkoski.. –  Amol Jawalkar Mar 11 at 13:13

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Here is code for creating a triangular geometry from scratch.

var geo = new THREE.Geometry();
geo.vertices.push( new THREE.Vector3(100,   0,   0) );
geo.vertices.push( new THREE.Vector3(  0, 100,   0) );
geo.vertices.push( new THREE.Vector3(  0,   0, 100) );
geo.faces.push( new THREE.Face3(0,1,2) );

Hope this helps!

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