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I have the following code:

    fullURL = blitzurl + movie
    request = urllib2.Request(fullURL)
    requestData = urllib2.urlopen(request)
    htmlText = BeautifulSoup(requestData.read())

    #panel = htmlText.find(match_class(["panelbox"]))
    #table = htmlText.find("table", {"id" : "scheduletbl"})
    print htmlText


except Exception, e:
    print str(e)

I am trying to get the content of a table with id "scheduletbl" (which is inside a div with a class named "panelbox"

the html code looks like this:


<div class="panelbox">
<!-- !!!! content here !!!!! -->
<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" id="scheduletbl" width="95%">
<td align="left" colspan="3">
VC = Special Cinema (Velvet Class)<br/>
VS = Special Cinema (Velvet Suite)<br>
DC = Special Cinema (Dining Cinema)<br/>
S = Special Cinema (Satin)<br/>
3D = in RealD 3D<br/>
4DX = 4DX Cinema
<td class="separator2" colspan="3"><strong>BLITZMEGAPLEX - PARIS VAN JAVA, BANDUNG</strong></td>
<td colspan="3"><img align="left" height="16" hspace="5" src="../img/ico_rss_schedule_white.gif" width="16"/><strong><a class="navlink" href="../rss/schedule.php">RSS- Paris van Java</a></strong></td>
<td class="separator"> </td>
<td class="separator" colspan="2">TUESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2013</td>
<td class="separator"> </td>
<td class="separator" rel="2D" width="20%">
<td class="separator" width="30%">
<a class="navlink" href="https://www.blitzmegaplex.com/olb/seats.php?showdate=2013-09-24&amp;cinema=0100&amp;movie=MOV1954&amp;showtime=10:30&amp;suite=N&amp;movieformat=2D" target="_blank">Buy Tickets</a></td>

*** and more <tr> tags ***

The problem that i am having is that, when i try to extract the content based on the div-id it gets cut off in the middle (i am guessing because improper closing tag).

The thing also happen when i try to extract the content based on (using its id). It will also gets cut off in the middle because there is a , where it is not suppose to be there.

What are the best way to solve this? I have no control about the data since it is scrapped from some website.

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The improper closing tag might create a problem if you are using the parser that is included default with the python. It is, as said in the Beautiful soup Documentation: Not very lenient (before Python 2.7.3 or 3.2.2).

So, if you are using the version before that, you might install lxml’s HTML parser which is more lenient

$ pip install lxml

or if you want the same html parsing as done by the browsers, you might install html5lib parser

$ pip install html5lib

They might parse your HTML better and be resilient to bad tag closing. Beautiful soup automatically chooses the best parser you have installed.

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Thanks... for the suggestion. Unfortunately i am on windows machine (which means i have to install gcc equivalent or windows) darn... Nevertheless, i will try that. Thanks again though for the suggestion. –  Jeremy R Irawan Sep 24 '13 at 5:12
no you dont, you just install pip and install those parsers, easy as pie. stackoverflow.com/questions/4750806/… –  TheAvs Sep 24 '13 at 5:14
the easiest way is (credit to Gringo , from the link above) stackoverflow.com/a/14407505/2303994 –  TheAvs Sep 24 '13 at 5:19
i mean i already have pip installed (with several packages), it just that if i want to have lxml installed it always throws errors (This is now completely out of topic). –  Jeremy R Irawan Sep 24 '13 at 5:36
re.search(r'id="scheduletbl".+?</table>', page, re.DOTALL) 

dotall if newlines are involved. this is the ugly non beautiful way to do it

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You can try to use https://scraperwiki.com/ - if you wish to check which tool/lib would fit you best for this task.

There is an option of using html5lib, pyquery,bs4 etc. (simple to test out)

You can try beautifulsoup:


where html is your content

BS should be good at handling bad html...

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