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I have this route:

put 'workstations' => 'workstation#update'

that I'm intending to match up with this link:

link_to "Update", controller: "workstations", action: "update", :method => :put

but I'm getting this error and I don't know why:

No route matches {:controller=>"workstations", :action=>"update", :method=>:put}

How can I build the route and why isn't what I've specified working?

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It might be a spelling error.

You wrote:

put 'workstations' => 'workstation#update'

But the controller name should be plural as in:

put '/workstations' => 'workstations#update'

Also, you can always run rake routes and get the list of generated routes and route names in your app.


By the way, you can achieve the same routes generation with the following, more elegant way:

resource :workstations, only: :update
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I've been around and around with this app, as seen here, but you're right, this case was a spelling error. –  steve_gallagher Sep 24 '13 at 6:07

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