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$dbhost = ""; 
$dbuser = "xxxxx"; 
$dbpass = "xxxxx"; 
$dbname = "xxxxxx"; 
$prefix = "art_"; // you can change this prefix but not necessary 
$cdomain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']=='xxxxxxxxx' ? '' : ".$_SERVER[xxxxxxxxxxx]"; // $date_format = "F d, Y"; 
$admin_email = "";

the above code is part of an article publisher script. It is the next line after the standard database info,

(db=database name, username= username, etc.)

It seems to install okay, but when I try to go to the home page or admin page this kicks in. What does it mean by server name and then server? I thought they were the same unless server name is like the public_html.

this is the error I get:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting ']' in /home2/seobook/public_html/articlepublish/config.php on line 28
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I don't understand : is a valid key for $_SERVER array? – Aif Dec 13 '09 at 19:50
No it is not : – Felix Kling Dec 13 '09 at 20:04
sorry, I was not clear, the script is as follows: $dbhost = ""; $dbuser = "xxxxx"; $dbpass = "xxxxx"; $dbname = "xxxxxx"; $prefix = "art_"; // you can change this prefix but not necessary $cdomain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']=='xxxxxxxxx' ? '' : ".$_SERVER[xxxxxxxxxxx]";// $date_format = "F d, Y"; $admin_email = ""; – SEO in Texas Dec 13 '09 at 20:37

The problem is with the dot in $_SERVER[]. Try quoting the key, $_SERVER[''].

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@Ewan: +1 for you. – Moshe Dec 13 '09 at 19:42
Ewan your answer is wrong. '' is not a key in the $_SERVER array. – Jeffrey Hines Dec 13 '09 at 20:17

I think the right code will be:

## set domain prefix if current domain is not main
$cdomain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']=='' ? '' : "";
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It looks like to me that the code should look like this...

$cdomain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']=='' ? '' : $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];

it says that $cdomain should equal '' if the $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] equals '' else it will equal $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']

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ls:Table 'seobook_oneadmin.art_styles' doesn't exist Now it says this after wh at seems to be a good install – SEO in Texas Dec 13 '09 at 21:26

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