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I want to develop Linux kernel module by Eclipse IDE, any one could help how configure Eclipse CDT to compile and run this kernel module ?

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@Khajavi, Please follow the steps below,

1) Go to File --> New --> Project --> A dialog box pops up, then

2) Under C/C++ --> Select "Makefile Project with Existing Code" and select "Next"

3) Fill Project Name, Language and Toolchain used, browse and select the location where
your kernel source --- select "OK" and select "Finish"

4) Project will be created and shown on the left hand side of Eclipse IDE. Right click on the project folder and select "Properties"

5) Select C/C++ Build option, find tabs such as "Builder Settings" "Behavior" on the RHS dialog. Let the Builder settings be as it is, but in the Behavior tab delete "all" part of "Build (Incremental Build)", apply and exit.

enter image description here

If you want your kernel module to be cross compiled, then configure the "Builder Settings" as below

enter image description here

Thus eclipse settings are configured and can compile or clean your module :-)

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