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I want to store a data of float type into mySqlserver..I tried namevaluepair for passing the data..Unless NameValuePair What other Options are there for passing Non String Values...

Float currentuserrate,serverrate,newrate;
ArrayList<NameValuePair> r = new ArrayList<NameValuePair>();
newrate = Float.valueOf(decimalFormat.format((currentuserrate * count + serverrate)
                                    / ++count));
 r.add(new BasicNameValuePair("newrate", newrate));

I got error that using NameValuePair Only String Value can be passed...Plz Help me Out....

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NameValuePair takes only String value.You can't add float value to name value pair . you better parse the string value to float

$newrate= (float) $_REQUEST['newrate'];

in the php file before save to the database.

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That's normal because NameValuePair takes only String values. You better parse your String to FLoat in the .php file before adding it into the database.

$floatNumber= (float) $stringValue;
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Use wrapper class to Change Float to String like:

r.add(new BasicNameValuePair("newrate", Float.toString(newrate)));

You can use any DataType and also JSON String like that way... :)

Happy Coding... ;)

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