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Supposedly, I have barplot as below:

Sample BarPlot

The Day of Week 4 is for example refer to Wednesday, is it possible to create custom legend which indicate 4 - Wednesday?

And also, if I have Day of Week, such as 3, and 4. 3 is for Tuesday. How possible to add another legend in the custom legend (3 - Tuesday) if only day of week 3 is displayed in the bar plot?


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I wasn't entirely clear on what you wanted to accomplish but here may be one way of doing what you want:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
daysofweek = {1:('Sunday','r'), 
              6:('Friday', 'magenta'), 
              7:('Saturday', 'orange')}
ax1 = plt.subplot(111)

xval = [2., 4., 7.]
yval = [2.5, 3.6, 2.7]

for j in range(len(xval)):
    ax1.bar(xval[j], yval[j], width=0.8, bottom=0.0, align='center', color=daysofweek[xval[j]][1], alpha=0.6, label=daysofweek[xval[j]][0])
ax1.set_xticklabels([daysofweek[i][0] for i in xval])

The result is: enter image description here

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Thanks you very much for your answers. – Santiago Munez Oct 1 '13 at 11:09

Please add a working example so we know what is exactly what you want. Do the numbers come from somewhere? Anyhow, this program produces the attached figure. Maybe it will help you.

enter image description here


import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

Day_names=["Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday"]
index = np.arange(N)
bar_width = 0.95
bar_height = [1,1.5,1.2,2,0.5,0.75,1]
bar_color = ['b','r','g','yellow','k', 'magenta', 'orange']
bars = plt.bar(index, bar_height, bar_width,alpha=0.5,color=bar_color)

plt.ylabel('Some Value')
plt.xticks(index + bar_width/2., Day_names)    

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