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hi i am trying to ensure that the username is unique when registering but im not sure how to do this

I've tried:

validates_uniqueness_of :username

but it doesnt work

it gives me this error: undefined method 'validates_uniqueness_of' for #<UsersController:0x6c4fd2>

Any help please?

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You haven't specified where you have declared validates_uniqueness_of. It's a class method mixed into ActiveRecord::Base, so make sure you're declaring it inside of a model, not in a controller or somewhere else.

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my bad. thx very much ! – Lilz Dec 14 '09 at 3:16

validates_uniqueness_of should work, however you have to add unique index to the database column as well to avoid race conditions. This can be done via migration:

add_index :table_name, :column_name , :unique=> true

Check the case_sensitive option for validates_uniqueness_of as well.

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This needs to be placed into the User model not the controller.

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