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So I just started using bxslider.

I however I'm having issues setting the size of the slider. Naturally it takes the height of the largest element (I think). How do I set it to a fixed height, say 200px?

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You can add following css.

.bx-wrapper, .bx-viewport {
    height: 200px !important; //provide height of slider

Check out this fiddle..bxslider

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Why not style the elements? If you set a fix height for the wrapper you could get in trouble with overflows and positioning.

If you are using lists:

.bx-wrapper ul li { height: 200px; }
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this is what i do as well – Matt Kim Jul 11 '14 at 3:14
this one helps to show caption – janina Feb 8 '15 at 17:06

You need to set all 3 elements involved with the height of the image displayed which are the main container, the inner container and the images themselves...

like so:

.bx-wrapper, .bx-viewport, .bx-wrapper img {height: 500px !important;}
  • i should note that:
    bxSlider uses 100% width to keep stuff responsive so you might get a distorted image by forcing the height, and that is why you need to serve pre-sized images to the slider (just to fix the height issue..)

  • solution:
    use media queries to set a different height when viewed in mobile (just a suggestion)

best of luck...

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This worked for me, and allows you to keep responsiveness

    .bx-wrapper, .bx-viewport, .bx-wrapper img {max-height: 200px !important;}
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I would recommend wrapping it with a div then adjusting the div's CSS. Bxslider I believe inherits the height & width.


From here you can adjust the li's accordingly:

.yourDivClass li {
    background-color:green; //just to see the overflow if height & width isn't equal

Hope this helps.

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Just set your image height...

.bx-wrapper, .bx-viewport {
    height: [IMAGE HEIGHT] !important; 
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I solved centering and fixed size with these lines

.bx-wrapper img {
height: 400px;
max-width: auto;
display: inline;


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doesn't help with centering :( – Picard Nov 14 '15 at 20:11
i wish i could downvote for the 'auto' part. – MaXi32 Dec 16 '15 at 15:32

If you don't want use !important just make like this

.bx-wrapper {
  height: 400px; //Just choose your height
  display: block;
  overflow: hidden;
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