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i am new to js and jquery. html

<div id="answerdiv" name="answerdiv" class="answerdiv">
    <div id="answerweightdiv" class="answerweightdiv">
        <input id="answerweight" class="answerweight" type="number" name="answerweight" placeholder="Weight" maxlength="3" tabindex="7" onBlur="exchangeLabelsanswerweight(this);">

the above field is created dynamically n number of times 1 below another i am trying to create a js function that only converts the current active element to label and not others


function exchangeLabelsanswerweight(element)
    var result = $(element).val();
        $("#answerweightdiv").append("<label id='answertext' onClick='exchangeFieldanswerweight(this);'>"+result+"</label>");
function exchangeFieldanswerweight(element)
    var result = element.innerHTML; 
    $("#answerweightdiv").append("<input id='answerweight' class='answerweight' value="+result+" type='number' name='answerweight' placeholder='Weight' maxlength='3' tabindex='7' onBlur='exchangeLabelsanswerweight(this);'>");
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"the above field is created dynamically n number of times 1 below another" But with different id values, right? Because id values must be unique on the page. –  T.J. Crowder Sep 24 '13 at 8:23
What is the trigger that creates them dynamically ? is there an Add button that fires a JS function that adds the field to the DOM ? –  Mortalus Sep 24 '13 at 8:24
ids are not given uniquely. all the js work is done by classname only till now –  Arpitha Shetty Sep 24 '13 at 8:29
If you're not using the ids anyway, then leave them out. –  Mr Lister Sep 24 '13 at 8:51

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