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I am now using FANN to do incremental learning. Would anyone let me know whether my program is wrong or not? Thank you.

I have a data set to train. But in future I will get some new data set. I wanna incrementally train the current nn with the new data set, called "incremental learning".

I firstly create and train a nn with old data "". I also set the training algorithm.

struct fann *ann = fann_create_standard(num_layers, num_input, num_neurons_hidden, num_output); fann_set_activation_function_hidden(ann, FANN_SIGMOID_SYMMETRIC); fann_set_activation_function_output(ann, FANN_SIGMOID_SYMMETRIC);
fann_set_training_algorithm(ann, FANN_TRAIN_INCREMENTAL);
fann_train_on_file(ann, "", max_epochs, epochs_between_reports, desired_error); fann_save(ann, "");

Then when I have new data set "", I think I can program like this:

struct fann *ann = fann_create_from_file("");
fann_train_on_file(ann, "", max_epochs, epochs_between_reports, desired_error);

Is my program correct?

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if you train with new data maybe lost's experience

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