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I wanted to create a copy button in a form but this button needs to work using an sql statement which will be like

select name, address1, address2, zipcode, car_type, model from Users WHERE report_id=:report_id

I will explain more into this with an example.

If on a report I have a list of users and when you click on one of the user, it will take you to a form. In this form you can exit and save it, where the save button is, they will be another button called copy, this button will use the sql above and will copy SOME information on the form based on the report_id(the current report being viewed/edit in the form.)

The copy button will redirect to a form page and will render the information it goes from that sql statement.

I want to use sql statement because in

action when button clicked

with these values it says that colons, commas show not be in those values for example address_1, car_type, and other datatype contents those and because of this, I do want to do it this way. I did try it but I kept getting a 404 error page thats why I want to try the sql way.

How will I be able to do it this way please?


the image ABOVE shows my COPY button. as you can see I item and values is the order_id enter image description here

The image above shows the PROCESSES in which the sql query is run and condition it is the copy button.

The way i think this will work is that when you click on the copy button, the sql query will run and use the current order_id on the form to get all the information in the sql and show it on the form field.

enter image description here

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It is not very clear.

  1. Why do you need to use report_id ?
  2. What is the purpose of storing it in your Users table?
  3. Is the Copy button going to save changes to the database before redirecting to the second form?

If 3. is false, do not use an SQL query as you will lose changes, you should get field values instead. If 3. is true, you will simply need to query your table to fill your second form.

What I understand is that you simply need to get values from a form to fill another form, so you can simply pass values in the URL. As you said, you can have some problem depending on your values (special characters). However, note that :

  1. To pass a comma in the URL, enclose the item value with backslashes (e.g. \45,9\).
  2. You cannot pass a parameter with a colon (:) in the URL. A solution would be to replace it with another character if it is possible.

Another solution is to use an apex collection to store your values.

Your Save button can for example run a process like the following (of course use your own item names) :

        p_collection_name => 'MY_COLLECTION'
        p_c001            => :P1_NAME,
        p_c002            => :P1_ADDRESS1,
        p_c003            => :P1_ADDRESS2,
        p_c004            => :P1_CARTYPE,
        p_c005            => :P1_MODEL,
        p_n001            => :P1_ZIPCODE,
        p_d001            => SYSDATE

Then in your second form, you can base your item values on an SQL query to retrieve the right value. Example for P2_NAME :

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thanks for your answer. In the department we have some old people that simply will use colon without the backslash, if it was only me making the report I wouldbt be asking this question but its a department use by many members of staff. – JamesT Sep 25 '13 at 8:55
the solution I was thinking is to have a process with runs a query like SELECT NAME, DOB INTO :NAME, :DOB FROM records WHERE rec_id=:rec_id and the CONDITION for the process (When Button Pressed) the button will be the copy button. In the copy button in the Set These Items will be the p2_record_id and With These Values will be &p2_record_id. What I think this will do is run the process and use the record_id from the current form being viewed and use that to get the info into the redirect form page. Unfortunately, I can't get this to work. – JamesT Sep 25 '13 at 9:08
In case you want to use comma or colon characters, you don't need to ask people to do the job of escaping/replacing characters! You can simply rework the values before passing them in the URL. About apex collections, it works like temporary tables, the fact is that you cannot use temporary tables in apex as it can result in session conflicts (apex session and database session). You can use a simple table instead, but I recommend you to use apex collections. Just read the documentation and try some examples, it is very simple. You can also Google for "apex collection example". – Yann39 Sep 25 '13 at 9:09
dont think this will work for me because It will request me having access to too many systems which I can't access... Just take a look at my last comment and see if that can be possible – JamesT Sep 25 '13 at 9:18
I ahev edited my question and add teo screenshots to show what I mean. Hope that helps you answer this question. Thanks again – JamesT Sep 25 '13 at 9:30
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I found the solution. My query does work and the way I tried to do this was right. The issue was that in fields. I had the source type as database column which was wrong. I need to set it to Static Assignment(Value equals source attribute) and the sourced used to only when current value in session state is null

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