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I have a problem when sharing a post on our social microblog that the share-image on facebook is wrong - it takes 3 images, the first (which 99% will share) is an empty image, the 2nd is our logo and only the 3rd is the one we reference in the og:image-tag. I searched here and on Google but did not find anything apart from "use og:image - which we already do.

Here is a link to test:

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  • Facebook has limited the thumbnails on a post to 3 (You can choose from 3):

    • The first one is og:image by default
    • the other two are from the body tag
  • Most of your Posts og:image content are smaller than the limited size which is 200PX by 200PX, that why facebook chooses a fall back image from the body tag.

For example the URL to gave in your question, Here's what I have found:

  • <meta property="og:image" content="" /> Dimensions: 150px × 90px

  • These two are the og:image fallback:

    • on line 77 <img class="logo" src="">

    • on line 140 <img src="" class="logo">

  • Your website HTML source is completely broken

    • There's Two closing </head> tags the first one on line 54 and the other on line 123

    • There's non-head tags they are actually in the head tags, div, script (fine but not good for SEO), p..etc..

  • I hope that I helped you not only with Facebook open graph protocol but with your Site source, so try to fix them as soon as possible.

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Thank you @AdamZapp :) The head-tag was a bug from the last release, so good find. Actually both of your found bugs are the same, there was just a head-tag way too low in the code. I find it incredible from FB to pretend they know better which images should be shared. Thanks anyway! – Raphael Jeger Sep 24 '13 at 18:11

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