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I'm working with the Typo3 6.1 and Fluid templates, using the set of tools. I have the content element back-end template defined like this:

{namespace flux=Tx_Flux_ViewHelpers}
{namespace v=Tx_Vhs_ViewHelpers}
<f:layout name="Content" />
<div xmlns=""


<flux:flexform.object name="item">
    <flux:flexform.field.input name="url">
        < />

And then I'm rendering it in the front-end like this

<f:link.external uri="{section.item.url}">

And the problem is that link backend wizards allows user to set the links like _blank - Google which stands for href target css-class title and that ends up in the following front-end HTML render:

<a href=" _blank - Google"> _blank - Google

I wonder is there already any ViewHelper which allows to render link widget data properly? Or I should implement one myself? I already checked these docs:

and I've sticked to the first one, but it is a bit simpler than what I really need. Probably there is also a ViewHelper which can split the link data by space character and then I can render the link but sound like a not reliable work-around.

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The simple answer is that flux and fluidcontent themselves dont provide a ViewHelper for those.

You have to use a foreign ViewHelper like this one . I added a variant of it to the VHS ViewHelper collection extension. Similar to the fluid core, we added 2 new ViewHelpers to the VHS companion extension (v:link.typolink & v:uri.typolink):

After installing it, import the Namespace to your Template like this:

{namespace v=Tx_Vhs_ViewHelpers}

and use it in your template:

<v:uri.typolink parameter="{parameter: section.item.url}" />

That should do the trick.

Additionally, as this only renders the uri generated by typolink, there's a second very similar ViewHelper in vhs you can use to generate links:

<v:link.typolink parameter="{parameter: section.item.url}">Beautiful link</v:link.typolink>

Thx to kimomat for pointing this out in the answer below.

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If i render the example in a fluidcontent Main Section (TYPO3 6.2, VHS 1.9.1, Fluidcontent 4.0.0) the ViewHelper only outputs the link url, no link.

<p><v:uri.typolink configuration="{parameter: '13', additionalParams: '&print=1', title: 'Follow the link'}">Click Me!</v:uri.typolink></p>

This code will render:


The PageUid 13 is the products page. I would have expected a a tag.

Ok, i got it. I need the ViewHelper v:link.typolink:

<v:link.typolink configuration="{parameter: '13', additionalParams: '&print=1', title: 'Follow the link'}">Click Me!</v:link.typolink>
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