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We can make new tab using :tabnew. We can split window using :vs or :sp.

Sometimes I want to switch from tab to splitted window to compare my code or switch back to get more space. Now I do it by closing it then use another command. Is there any easier way?

Thank you.

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Fair question, since there exists a command that is (sort of) the counterpart to what you're asking: Ctrl-w T moves the current window to a new tab page. –  glts Sep 24 '13 at 20:08

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Tabs and splits are different concepts.

A vim "tab" is really a window layout. It means that for example you can have a tab with vertically split windows and another one with horizontally split windows.

It seems you question is when I have split windows, how do I switch back to a full view. You can Ctrlwo to expand the current window to the full tab.

See :help windows.txt to get the full list of commands related to windows management.

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The easiest way (with built-in means) to move / copy a window from one location to another (split, tab page) within Vim is to use the current window's buffer number (which can be put into the 'statusline', or :ls will tell you), e.g. as in:

:sb[uffer] 3

To open the current window in a separate tab, you can use:

:tab split
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+1, but sb will not do what you advertise if e.g. switchbuf is set to include useopen. Also, you'd require an additional windo diffthis to get into diff mode –  sehe Sep 24 '13 at 10:06

If you

:edit file1
:tabedit file2

and then want to compare them, just

:vert diffsplit file1
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switch all buffers to vertical split:

:bufdo vs

switch all buffers to horizontal split:

:bufdo sp

switch all buffers to tab mode:

:bufdo tab split

(use [ctrl]-w o to close all but current window in split mode, :bdel to delete current buffer, :qa to close all / :wqa to save and close all)

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