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It seems that @original_id and have to be converted to strings to compare equal, when I don't convert them to strings, the string in the else branch is returned. Why is this? And is there a way round it?

- if @original_id.to_s ==
    = "Matched"
- else
    = "hi"


.comment{:class => "c" + nesting.to_s}
        %img{:src => "/assets/profile_image_sample.jpg"}
            - if comment.user.username.blank?
                = comment.user.first_name
            - else
                = comment.user.username 
        = comment.content
            = link_to "Reply to comment...", post_path(:original_id =>
            = @original_id.to_s + "and" +
- if @original_id.to_s ==
    = "Matched"
- else
    = "hi"
- if comment.replies.count > 0
    - nesting = nesting + 1
    - comment.replies.each do |comment|
        = render "comment", :comment => comment, :nesting => nesting
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Maybe @original_id and are of different types? – toro2k Sep 24 '13 at 10:04
Are you extracting @original_id from params[:original_id]? – Stefan Sep 24 '13 at 10:04
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One of those two variables is a string, while the other is a number.

A possible cause is that in the controller, all received (posted) parameters are strings. Without explicit conversion, you are passing this value to the view as a string.

And to answer your second question:

Convert @original_id to an integer when setting it in the controller:

@original_id = params[:original_id].to_i
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perfect, didn't know that posted parameters were strings! – Melbourne2991 Sep 24 '13 at 11:37

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