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I've created two php files with code for an order form for a cafeteria and the correspronding lines of code for inserting the posted values in my database. Here I present them.

CODE FOR addorder_form.php



       $cats=array("Kafedes", "Rofhmata", "Pota", "Snack/Glyka"); 

    for($i=0;$i<$arrlength;$i++) {  
        $sql = mysql_query('SELECT title FROM products WHERE cname="'.$cats[$i].'"') or die(mysql_error());
        echo '<div id="main_content">';
        echo "<h4 style=color:#800000> ".$cats[$i]."</h4>"; 
        echo "<br />"; 

        while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql, MYSQL_BOTH)){
            echo "<div id='center' style='align:center'>";
            echo "<input style='text-align:right;' type='checkbox' action='addorder.php' name='products[]' value='".$row["title"]."'>".$row["title"];
            echo '</div>';

            echo ' <div id="center_side" style="float:right"><form "method="post" action="addorder.php"><input type="text" size="4" padding-left="0.2em" name="quantity"/>';
            echo '</div>';
        echo '</div>';  
        echo '<br />';  
    echo '<form name="addorder" method="" action="addorder.php" onclick="addorder.php">';
                echo '<input type="submit" value="Add order" style="float: right;"><br/>';
                echo '</form>';   

CODE FOR addorder.php


$quantity = '';
$title = '';

if (isset($_POST['quantity']) && isset($_POST['products'])) {
    if(isset($_POST["Submit"])) {
    $quantity = $_POST['quantity'];
$title = $_POST['products'];
if($_POST["Submit"] == "Submit")
for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($title); $i++) {
$insertOrder = mysql_query("INSERT INTO orders VALUES('".$title[i]."','".$quantity."')")or die(mysql_error());

echo "Record inserted"; 


When I run them I have non any syntax errors, though it does not work. As far as the db_connect() is set in the buzzcafe_fns.php file I've included and it is checked that works properly. How can I make my "INSERT INTO" work?

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You can use another insert query
First You will check if $title variable array or not.
Next Using For loop
$db=mysql_select_db("yourdatabasename here" ,$con);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO orders SET title='".$title[$i]."', quantity='".$quantity."'");
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I didn't help a lot . – Suspicius Sep 24 '13 at 12:54

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