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I am using EU e-Privacy Directive Plugin and Module,When i remove cookies using the module it is not working,Still i can see some cookies. I Think the module not clear all the HTTP Cookies.

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  1. Ask the developer (that's me)

You may be seeing cookies from subdomains, or your /administrator login. The plugin can't do anything about these because they already exist and are restricted by the javascript same-origin policy.

You may also be seeing cookies previously set by 3rd parties. Again, the plugin is restricted by the javascript same-origin policy. If a 3rd party cookie already exists, the plugin can't do anything about it.

If you have the plugin configured correctly (PHP 5.3 + PHP Reflection + proper group/ACL assignment to 3rd-party-cookie plugins and modules), the plugin can effectively prevent them until a user allows them. Once allowed though a 3rd party cookie can't be removed by the plugin because of the javascript same-origin policy.

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