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We have a Maven1 project that needs artifacts from a standard Maven2 (remote) repo and I would like to resolve this by using our central Artifactory.

Currently I'm running a local Artifactory 3.0.3 OSS, standalone, with default settings (only added my virtual repo).

I have created a virtual repository that only referes to a single maven2 remote repo (spring-release) and uses maven-1-default in Repository Layout (Advanced Settings tab).
I've added a dependency to my project.xml:


But Maven can not resolve this dependency when I run "maven build".

Is it possible to have a m2 -> m1 "bridge" in Artifactory 3.0.3 OSS or do I need the Pro add-on?


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Of course you can. Define a new virtual repository, add the Maven2 repositories you want to convert, select maven-1-default in Repository Layout dropbox in Advanced tab. Done. Now resolve the artifacts from the new virtual repository and you're all set.

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thanks for the reply @JBaruch, I thought that would be the solution but I can not get that to work. I get an ! in Resolved Repository for every pre-defined m2-repository I try to use and no dependency from these repositories can be resolved by Maven1 – joran Oct 3 '13 at 19:00

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