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I have a TCP Chat application. When a new message arrives, I want to make the taskbar glow until the user opens the form again (in case it wasn't focus/activated).

An example of what I mean: http://puu.sh/4z01n.png

How can I make it glow like that?


If you still don't understand what I mean.. The image I provided is what appears ON the icon i nthe taskbar when something "glows". Meaning there is a notifcation. That's what I want to acheive.

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Do you mean this? –  Nico Schertler Sep 24 '13 at 10:52

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I hope this will help you

static extern bool FlashWindowEx(ref FLASHINFO pwfi);

    public struct FLASHWINFO {
        public UInt32 cbSize;
        public IntPtr hwnd;
        public UInt32 dwFlags;
        public UInt32 uCount;
        public UInt32 dwTimeout;

        public enum FlashMode {
            /// Stop flashing. The system restores the window to its original state.
            FLASHW_STOP = 0,
            /// Flash the window caption.
            FLASHW_CAPTION = 1,
            /// Flash the taskbar button.
            FLASHW_TRAY = 2,
            /// Flash both the window caption and taskbar button.
            /// This is equivalent to setting the FLASHW_CAPTION | FLASHW_TRAY flags.
            FLASHW_ALL = 3,
            /// Flash continuously, until the FLASHW_STOP flag is set.
            FLASHW_TIMER = 4,
            /// Flash continuously until the window comes to the foreground.
            FLASHW_TIMERNOFG = 12

        public static bool FlashWindow(IntPtr hWnd, FlashMode fm) {
            FLASHWINFO fInfo = new FLASHWINFO();

            fInfo.cbSize = Convert.ToUInt32(Marshal.SizeOf(fInfo));
            fInfo.hwnd = hWnd;
            fInfo.dwFlags = (UInt32)fm;
            fInfo.uCount = UInt32.MaxValue;
            fInfo.dwTimeout = 0;

            return FlashWindowEx(ref fInfo);

Taken from my wiki at Flashing Taskbar

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You need some interoperability to achieve this,first of all add System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace to your class,the in you class define this function at the beginning,

    static extern bool FlashWindow(IntPtr hwnd, bool FlashStatus);

It is an API function and it's description says, The FlashWindow function flashes the specified window once..Then add a Timer to your class(drag-drop it from the toolbox,set its interval to 500 Milliseconds).Then assuming Form1 is the window you want to flash,use the following code to achieve this;

    private void Form1_Activated(object sender, EventArgs e)
        timer1.Stop();//Stop the timer to stop flashing.

    private void Form1_Deactivate(object sender, EventArgs e)
        timer1.Start();//Start timer if window loses focus.

    private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
        FlashWindow(this.Handle, true);//Flash the window untill it gets focused.

Well,call timer1.Start(); when a new message arrives.A sample just in case if you need.

Hope this helps you.

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For some reason, it's still flashing evne though I am focusing the window. Do I have to set the Focused proeprty or something?.. –  user2810715 Sep 24 '13 at 11:31
@user2810715 I've updated the code,see if it works now. –  PurpleXenon Sep 24 '13 at 11:46

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