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I have an hex string as shown below.


How do i change it reverse it like as below using vim commands.

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Have a look at In short, viw\is. – Viktor Vojnovski Sep 24 '13 at 12:23

Some tips from

one way:

vnoremap ;rv c<C-O>:set revins<CR><C-R>"<Esc>:set norevins<CR>


" \fr: reverse the order of lines (vertical mirror)
nmap \fr :set lz<CR>o<Esc>mz'aO<Esc>ma:'a+1,'z-1g/^/m 'a<CR>'addma'zdd:set nolz<CR>

" \fR: mirror image the lines (horizontal mirror)
nmap \fR :set lz<CR>o<Esc>mzkO<Esc>maj:s/./&\r/g<CR>:'a+1,'z-1g/^/m 'a<CR>:'a+1,'z-1j!<CR>'add'zddk:set nolz<CR>

a third:

nmap \fR :Mirror<CR>
command! -bar -range Mirror <line1>,<line2>call setline('.', join(reverse(split(getline('.'), '\zs')), ''))
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