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I need allow or no docking according the content.

For more detail, I use some DocmentPane with some DocumentContent. I want allow the behaviour floatting for the DocumentContent, but i dont want allow DocumentContent change DocumentPane. DocumentPane can only redock on original DocumentPane.

I dont know how process. I dont find drog event to check and accept the content. My DocumentPane is herited class, else i can overwrite some methodes. But DocumentPane dont have virtual Drog method.

Thank for your helps.

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I searched for the AvalonDock documentation and all that's there is a tutorial that doesn't talk about events, so I can't get into specific code. Is there a Docking event or an OnDocking method that you can override? Here's a link to an article I found about using AvalonDock with MVVM: –  Tony Vitabile Sep 24 '13 at 13:02
Nothing can be overwriting (or I don t find). I can only check item list who is readOnlyObservable. I will try delve in this direction. –  Vernou Cédric Sep 24 '13 at 15:15

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