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In RSpec i can use such code switch to popup window, link, How can i do such thing in Cucumber steps?

login_window = page.driver.find_window('PPA_identity_window')
    main_window = page.driver.find_window('')

    # We use this to execute the next instructions in the popup window
    page.within_window(login_window) do
      #Normally fill in the form and log in
      fill_in 'email', :with => "<your paypal sandbox username>"
      fill_in 'password', :with => "<your paypal sandbox password>"
      click_button 'Log In'
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I don't think there is a cucumber/capybara way to do this as such.

But you can still change the window using selenium driver commands like this:

    #Get the main window handle
    main = page.driver.browser.window_handles.first
    #Get the popup window handle
    popup = page.driver.browser.window_handles.last

    #Then switch control between the windows
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