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I am generating deployment-files for my mysql-database with phing and dbdeploy.

The output of a dbdeploy-file that is generated looks like the following:

    -- Fragment begins: 8 --
INSERT INTO changelog
                                (change_number, delta_set, start_dt, applied_by, description) VALUES (8, 'Main', NOW(), 'dbdeploy', '8-add_tracking_code.sql');
ALTER TABLE `order` ADD `tracking_code` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;
UPDATE changelog
                             SET complete_dt = NOW()
                             WHERE change_number = 8
                             AND delta_set = 'Main';
-- Fragment ends: 8 --

The Problem is the --// before the ALTER Statement. The database got an error with it. If I remove the --// the hole file ist correct.

Here is a piece of my phing build-script so that you can see how I am generating the .sql-File with dbdeploy:

<target name="dbdeploy-migrate-all">

        <!-- load the dbdeploy task -->
        <taskdef name="dbdeploy" classname="phing.tasks.ext.dbdeploy.DbDeployTask"/>

        <echo message="Loading deltas from ${build.dbdeploy.alters_dir}" />

        <property name="build.dbdeploy.deployfile" value="${build.dbdeploy.deploy_dir}/deploy-${DSTAMP}${TSTAMP}.sql" />
        <property name="build.dbdeploy.undofile" value="${build.dbdeploy.undo_dir}/undo-${DSTAMP}${TSTAMP}.sql" />

        <!-- generate the deployment scripts -->
            undooutputfile="${build.dbdeploy.undofile}" />

        <!-- execute the SQL - Use mysql command line to avoid trouble with large files or many statements and PDO -->
        <property name="mysql.command" value="${progs.mysql} -h${} -u${db.user} -p${db.pass} ${} &lt; ${build.dbdeploy.deployfile}" />
        <echo message="Executing command: ${mysql.command}" />
            checkreturn="true" />


Why does dbdeploy generate a corrupt file?

Thans for your help!

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Where did you get this dump? How are you replaying it? – tadman Sep 24 '13 at 14:22
The dump comes from dbdeploy...I have updated the question so you could see how I am generating the .sql-File – Niels Maseberg Sep 25 '13 at 5:24
How are you replaying it, though? MySQL uses the /* ... */ comment style in mysqldump backups but -- should still work. – tadman Sep 25 '13 at 14:57
I use the mysql command on command line...see the exec of ${mysql.command} in the build target above. So normally mysql should not bother about the "--" but it bothers about "--//" – Niels Maseberg Sep 26 '13 at 11:30

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