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We are hosting our site on IIS 7.0 and Wordpress-based blog with a third-party provider. We have implemented Reverse Proxy, so folder link from www.mysite.com/blog goes to Wordpress subdomain (which originally has blog.mysite.com URL). The only configuration was made on IIS side Everything works fine if we use standard permalinks in Wordpress - www.mysite.com/blog/?p=7 but I receive 500 error if we switch to "post-name" permalinks - www.mysite.com/blog//%postname%/.
Most of the questions and solutions I found are about URL rewriting if Wordpress is hosted on the same IIS as the main site but I couldn't find anything related to our situation. Do I need alter the Wordpress in some way (e.g. rules on .htaccess) to cooperate with my IIS rewriting? I am not that familiar with Apache and PHP...
Updated: web.config content

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <rule name="ReverseProxyInboundRule1" stopProcessing="true">
                    <match url="(.*)" />
                    <action type="Rewrite" url="http://blog.mysite.com/{R:1}" />
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IIS doesn't care about .htaccess files. You have to setup IIS to rewrite your urls. –  cheesemacfly Sep 24 '13 at 14:18
I did according to the IIS instructions - my pattern is (.*) and rewrite URL is blog.mysite.com/{R:1}. The default permalinks www.mysite.com/blog/?p=7 work, but pretty permalinks fail. –  Laboremus Sep 24 '13 at 14:30
Have you seen this point in the documentation: codex.wordpress.org/… It doesn't look like you have the same rule –  cheesemacfly Sep 24 '13 at 14:34
This particular technique is for Wordpress hosted on the same IIS as the site. I tried that anyway - for my case I had to interpret Rewrite URL as "blog.mysite.com/index.php" but it did not work at all - even default permalinks failed. –  Laboremus Sep 24 '13 at 14:41
You need the Application Request Routing module installed and setup with the proxy mode enabled to Rewrite to a different domain. Have you been through this step? –  cheesemacfly Sep 24 '13 at 14:47

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