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I have decided to use AngularUI Map plugin to render Google Maps map within one of my views.

The template looks like this:

<div id="map">
<div ui-map="map" ui-options="mapOptions" id="map-canvas"
     ui-event="{'map-click': 'placeMarker($event, $params)'}">

The map is stored in the map scope variable of the controller. I've forced this behavior by explicitly creating this variable in the controller body: #scope.map = {};

What I would like is to externalize this map object to a service to avoid recreating it every time the view is accessed.

The service I wrote looks like this:

evee.factory('mapService', [function () {
    return {


And the controller code looks like this:

var LocationController = function($scope, mapService) {

    $scope.map = mapService;


I can't make it work, the plugin always reinitializes the map. Should I drop the usage of the plugin and adopt a solution such as this non-plugin solution ?

Thank you.

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I'm having the exact same issue, i have a modal inside a view, which is using the directive to show maps on it, so the second time i open the modal i get a completely gray map which isn't usable at all i'm trying to re-use the map, but the directive creates a new one every time it's used.

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The angular-gm module reuses map instances so there is no memory leak.

Without the module, it seems like this is a non-trivial problem to solve with Angular.

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