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I am writing a program that does the following:

  1. When the user right clicks on a file and selects an option 'OPT', an exe file is called with the inputs as the constant 'OPT' and the file path.
  2. In the registry, for the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/*/shell/option x/command the data is someprog.exe OPT %1 : where %1 is the file path of the file selected via right click.
  3. The exe file then writes the path and the string OPT to a file 'f'.
  4. A background process polls this file and picks up the entries in the file 'f' .

Now I would like to extend the above solution to multiple files by enabling multiple select(eg: 300 files). However with the above setup when we select 'n' files, it spawns n processes which write to the shared files making the entire setup extremely inefficient. I am looking for a solution that spawns just one process whose command line arguments are the string 'OPT' and the n file paths. I tried googling but I could not find a solution.

I found that Notepad++ does something similar where if you select multiple files and then click on 'open', it opens one notepad++ program but has multiple tabs inside it. Though I am not looking for exactly the same solution the end goal seems to be the same ie. Open one process upon issuing one command on multiple files.

I want this solution to work on multiple platforms(windows, mac and linux) but first I am looking for a windows solution.

Could anyone please guide me in the right direction towards the solution? Thanks

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