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I have a class that implements IDisposable and I want to make some of the methods static. Would doing this have any negative impact on memory management or anything else?

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There shouldn't be any risk in calling a static method there. I'm curious, though, why you would want to. IDisposable should be dealing with cleaning up native resources used by the given instance. Static methods don't work on any specific instance of an object (unless you pass it as a parameter). It seems like any method you would call would be better as an instance method rather than a static one.

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The method is mapping from xml to a .net type. I need to make it static because the constructor of the class does not always succeed do to app.config setting varying depending on where the app is deployed. The constructor instantiates a repository but the repository is not required within the static methods. –  Antarr Byrd Sep 24 '13 at 15:34
This allows me to unit test methods not dependent on the repository. –  Antarr Byrd Sep 24 '13 at 15:45

No, as static methods on a class are not involved in memory management. As implied by static, the method has nothing to do with any given instance of the class rather, the method relates to the class as a whole.

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