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I have over 1000 PDF files that I need to determine which ones have a margin size smaller than 1/4 inch. I have looked at Ghostscript, and it looks promising, but I have not be able to figure out how to do more than 1 pdf at a time.

As a second requirement, I need to check if the PDF files have the fonts loaded in them. I am stuck on this requirement and have no clue what I can do to automate this task.

I am fairly limited in my scripting knowledge and stick mostly to VBscript, some VB, and WSH

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Ghostscript has a device -sDEVICE=bbox which should help you.

The undocumented option -csp3 in cpdf uses ghostscript in this way and extracts and prints the results, one for each page.

feast: john$ ./cpdf -gs /usr/local/bin/gs -csp3 ~/trunk/PDFTests/car.pdf
16.802291, 13.982754, 23.792892, 10.398033
16.882926, 14.002913, 8.798058, 13.134733
16.802291, 13.974525, 8.855073, 15.244272
16.802291, 13.962596, 8.862199, 13.391299
16.802291, 10.313868, 8.847946, 13.377045
16.802291, 13.962596, 8.855073, 17.040232
16.802291, 13.902119, 8.855073, 13.391299

For your second problem:

cpdf -missing-fonts file.pdf

will print any missing fonts out.

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That is great info, thank you. How would I go about doing these tasks for multiple PDFs in one shot, instead of doing individually? – user2811710 Sep 24 '13 at 20:32
You would need to control the cpdf command with a batch or shell script of some kind, or write a program yourself which calls it on each file. This is very specific to your environment... – johnwhitington Sep 25 '13 at 16:54

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