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The App:
My application has many buses. Each bus has many photos of the interior and exterior. Some of the interior photos have an associated image that indicates the location on the bus where the photos were taken (like a "You are Here" marker on a map), which is assigned through :parent_id attribute that corresponds to the "parent" photos id.

The Goal:
Output the URL for the "child" image if a selected photo is a "parent," and keep blank if not.

The Problem:
The only way I know how to find any particular associated image brings back an array. Unfortunately for me, the photo.url method that comes with Paperclip can't work with an array.

This is closest to what I want, but, again, it brings back an array that I can't use to find the image URL.

def assigned_floorplan(where I pass in all the parent images as a params)
  bus_images.all(conditions: { is_floorplan: true, parent_id: params.id })

Is this a dead end, or is there a way to pull out the id of the associated image from the array so that I can use the photo.url method? Or am I going about this the wrong way? I'm willing to approach this problem totally differently if you have any suggestions.

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You have to call the photo.url method for each image separately. A nested loop would work:

<% @parent_images.each do |parent_image| %>

  <%= parent_image.photo.url %>

  <% parent_image.child_images.each do |child_image| %>
    <%= child_image.photo.url %>
  <% end %>

<% end %>
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