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I want to learn how to download bank transactions using the Open Financial Exchange (ofx) file format. I would like to send the request from my website using PHP.

I have not found any PHP examples of using the ofx file format to send a request to connect to a bank in order to download bank transactions. I have only been able to find examples of parsing the data returned.

I have found websites like that provide URLs (and other bank information) to connect to banks. But I do not know how to send a request to the bank using the ofx file format.

For example, using the information from this link... How can I send a request to the bank using the ofx format and PHP? And how to I save the ofx file returned so I may parse and use the information returned?

Many thanks for your help!

UPDATE: I found a working example. It is exactly what I was looking for, ofx request using PHP. Here is a link:

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According to the OFX API documentation ( they use XML.

You may want to research the following:

In your program, the first step would probably would be grabbing the index of all institutions (view source):

Then referencing the ID values from step 1 in a lookup query for a specific institution:
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