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We have an Sqlite DB on our Linux/PHP production webserver. What is the best way to manage it remotely? I've found some server wrappers are available and some applications claim to offer remote access methods. Any suggestions?

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SSH in and use the SQLite command-line client.

But...why are you using SQLite on a production webserver!? Even the SQLite website advises against this!

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Why can't it be used for production web server? See where they actually recommend it for this purpose. – mhawke Oct 10 '08 at 3:12
I'm manipulating an existing client's Shopsite DB which uses SQLite behind the scenes. There's nothing inherently wrong with using SQLite in production for sites with low/moderate traffic. - – Cory House Oct 10 '08 at 3:24

Gindi's SQLITE client/server at Codeproject looks like an interesting and serious attempt at a wrapper.

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