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I am building a website using Concrete5 that includes a drop down navigation using the Auto Nav.

Right now the navigation looks like this:

   --School 1
   --School 2
   --School 3 

Right now when you click on Schools it takes you to a page (which is blank because I haven't added anything)

My question is, how would you make it so Schools didn't go anywhere when clicked and you had to choose from the drop down options?

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Quick workaround to make a "dummy" parent page in a Concrete5 Nav: use an External Link for the main Schools page instead of an actual Concrete5 page.

  1. Create a new External Link in the Site Map under Home titled, "Schools". For the link, enter a # (pound sign, with no http://), or javascript(0);

  2. Move all the pages currently inside the existing "Schools" page to be under the new "Schools" (do this by dragging-and-dropping each School onto the new external link

  3. Delete the old "Schools" parent page.

Another more in-depth option includes creating a custom page attribute called something like "nav_link_dummy", then using a custom AutoNav template to check (in the PHP script) for that attribute to not show the link. Use:

`if $_c->getCollectionAttributeValue('nav_link_dummy')` 

to check for the attribute in the AutoNav template.

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