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I'm looking for simple wx.MessageBox return value example. I've seen some basic examples and they look a lot like this. So far I have:

dlg = wx.MessageBox( 'What do you choose?, 'Test Dialog', wx.YES_NO | wx.NO_DEFAULT | wx.ICON_QUESTION )
if dlg == wx.ID_YES:
    print 'You picked yes'

dlg seems to return 8 for No and 2 for yes. However wx.ID_YES = 2503 and wx.ID_NO = 5104

Thanks for your time.

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wx.MessageBox returns one of wx.YES, wx.NO, wx.OK, wx.CANCEL.

Use wx.YES instead of wx.ID_YES, wx.NO instead of wx.ID_NO:

>>> import wx
>>> wx.YES
>>> wx.NO

See ::wxMessageBox

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