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how can i get table list and its structure from sql server.. i use the following code to get the database list from sql server.

SELECT * FROM sys.databases WHERE sys.databases.database_id > 4

this query return's database "name" and "id" and many other fied...

and i my .net app show bind the list with dropdown... now i need to get the table list of selected database in the dropdown on the basis of it's id...

what is the query to get the table list of selected database.

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select name from sys.tables where type = 'U'  --U = user defined tables as opposed to system tables
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i need to get the table list on basis of database id. – Abdul Basit Sep 24 '13 at 17:43
The list will be given for the database you're in - so you'd need to connect to that database/catalogue first. You could do something like this if you wanted all dbs' tables: sp_msforeachdb 'select ''?'' dbName, db.database_id, t.* from sys.databases db cross join [?].sys.tables t where db.name=''?''' – JohnLBevan Sep 24 '13 at 17:45

Try this one -

    SELECT CHAR(13) + 'SELECT ''' + d.name + ''', name, object_id FROM [' + d.name + '].sys.objects WHERE type = ''U'''
    FROM sys.databases d
    WHERE d.state_desc != 'OFFLINE'
    FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE).value('.', 'VARCHAR(MAX)'), 1, 1, '')

EXEC sys.sp_executesql @SQL

Output -

db     name                                   object_id
------ -------------------------------------- -----------
master spt_monitor                            68195293
master spt_fallback_db                        117575457
master spt_fallback_dev                       133575514
master spt_fallback_usg                       149575571
master MSreplication_options                  1787153412

db   name                                   object_id
---- -------------------------------------- -----------
msdb sysmail_profile                        14623095
msdb syscollector_config_store_internal     23671132
msdb DTA_reports_queryindex                 38291196
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