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I have a jQuery Mobile page and I want to animate the Save button on this page to lose half of its width/height and then to animate back to its original size.

function animateMe() {    
  var originalHeight = $("#btnSave").height();
  var originalWidth = $("#btnSave").width();
    {"height": originalHeight / 2, "width": originalWidth / 2}, 
    { duration: "fast" }

    {"height": originalHeight, "width": originalWidth}, 
    { duration: "fast" }

The animation works fine, but I was hoping for the button to collapse its middle, instead it collapses to its top/left location (as one would expect).

How can I animate the button to collapse to its middle and then back?

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This would be much better using CSS3 animation and the scale transform, instead of relying on jQuery's animate. Beside other advantages with using CSS3 animations for this, the performance should be much better.

Here's a rough example, just to give you an idea: http://jsfiddle.net/ghinda/8nNeS/

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I've edited your demo to make it work with jQM jsfiddle.net/Palestinian/8nNeS/7 you can modify your demo accordingly. –  Omar Sep 24 '13 at 20:27

You would have to add to the animation a position change, or padding change, that offsets the element's image as well.

  "height": originalHeight / 2 + "px",
  "width": originalWidth / 2 + "px",
  "padding-left": (originalWidth / 2) + "px",
  "padding-top":  (originalHeight / 2) + "px",
}, {
  duration: "fast"

Something similar to that, anyway.

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