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I just updated to XCode 5. Buttons in my app look OK in IB and on iOS 6 device, but on iOS 7 device they look like this (they should cover the whole black space):

enter image description here

I have images for both non-retina/retina.

I have no idea what to do, because I didn't change anything in code or IB.


Now I found out, if I change type of button from custom to system and set its background instead of its image, I get the correct size but I get some strange shadow over it.


Now I set button's tint color to "clear color" and everything seems ok (shadow disappeared). Still not sure what has changed in iOS 7 related to this.

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in iOS 7, the navigation bar is default to be translucent, that means the frame of self.view is different than in 6. – Joseph Lin Sep 24 '13 at 19:55
Are you setting up the buttons in code or in a xib/storyboard? If code, please post – RyanG Sep 30 '13 at 18:11
In IB. If i set button as selected in IB, everything looks ok. – DixieFlatline Sep 30 '13 at 18:23
What screensize you are using in xib? – Niru Mukund Shah Oct 3 '13 at 11:35
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The Human Interface Guidelines specifically outline how system-style UIButtons work by default. It explains that a system button:

  • Has no border or background appearance by default ...
  • Supports custom decoration, such as a border or background image (to add a custom appearance, use a button of type UIButtonTypeCustom and supply a custom background image).

However the UIButton HIG page provides a little more information, specifically:

If you do not explicitly set a tint color, the button will inherit its superview’s tint color.

This explains why, after changing your button to UIButtonTypeSystem, you suddenly have to reset (remove) the tint colour. In iOS7, (almost) everything has a tint colour. A UIButtonTypeSystem is more appropriate for your needs now in iOS7 (a bit of a pain if there's a lot to manually change though...)

As to why the buttons shrink in iOS7... I agree with @Joseph's comment regarding UIViewController view frames in iOS7. Likely you have some set relation for the size of the buttons that does not play nicely when the ViewController's frame changes in iOS7 (see this SO question for discussion). As advised there, check out the iOS7 transition guide to see if anything you're doing in IB is going against the new iOS7-grain.

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[button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:(255.0/255.0) green:(180.0/255.0)];.

This is the right code for background, and if you are use image then use

[UIImage imageNamed:@".png"];

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