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In the last line I'm trying to round the output one decimal place but when i test this i get a unexpected EOF error. Help Please?

count = 0
scoreSum = 0
score = 0
while score != 999:
    score = float(input("Enter test score or enter 999 to finish: "))
    if score > 0 and score < 100:
        scoreSum += score
        count += 1
    elif (score <0 or score > 100) and score != 999:
        print("This score is invalid, Enter 0-100")
    print ("your average is: ", round((scoreSum / count), 2)
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This was too easy, you got 3 exactly the same answers within one minute :). Hit us with some better questions! I do admit that Python's error message is less than helpful. –  Bas Swinckels Sep 24 '13 at 19:19
haha, I'm only a beginner man, give it time. –  MrAlex42 Sep 27 '13 at 7:13

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The last line is your problem--you need a closing parenthesis:

print ("your average is: ", round((scoreSum / count), 2))
#                                            right here ^

Actually, you could have your line of code be this:

print("your average is: ", round(scoreSum / count, 2))

There is no need for those extra parenthesis.

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Last line should be:

print ("your average is: ", round((scoreSum / count), 2))

You miss one closing parenthesis.

The complete error message was probably 'unexpected EOF while parsing', which is indeed a bit cryptic. Pro-tip: In future, if you find some error you do not understand, always past the complete error message directly into Google. In most cases, someone else already asked about the same problem.

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You are missing a closing parenthesis at the end of:

print ("your average is: ", round((scoreSum / count), 2))
                                                        ^ THIS
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