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I am after a JavaScript Rich Text Editor that supports highlighting words and triggering events when those highlighted words are clicked, like what Gmail does when in spellcheck mode.

I will need to heavily customize any existing solution, so something that is easy to extend would be ideal. Currently I am leaning towards TinyMCE.

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any ideas about spell check integration – hoju Dec 14 '09 at 21:51
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Richtextbox or HTML?

If it is HTML, then you should stick with TinyMCE. :

  • It's (very) easy to integrate
  • It works across browsers
  • The toolbars were easy to modify
  • Wordpress uses it!

For what its worth, we also looked at FCKEditor but preferred TinyMCE

UPDATE: While some users wanted it, spell checking has never been on the "essentials" list. It has always been quicker / cheaper for us to teach the handful of users how to use the spell checking features of IE, Firefox or Chrome instead of putting it in the editor.

Imagine trying to code the 3 been soup example!!!

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TinyMCE seems to be the best one these days. You might want to take a look at FCKEditor and HTMLArea as well. You can find a list of such WYSIWYG HTML editors here.

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