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I am trying to add a c++ file Gnu Radio source and then run it. I am relatively new to this so I will appreciate any help. I imported the build and source project of Gnu Radio in eclipse using eclipse cdt4.

Then in the source directory I added a c++ under examples folder, which contain already another c++ file. I tried modifying the same CMakeLists.txt by adding:

add_executable(tags_transmitter transmitter_test.cc)
target_link_libraries(tags_transmitter gnuradio-uhd)


    COMPONENT "uhd_examples"

But afterwards, I was kind of stuck because I could not find a way to run the c++ file "transmitter_test.cc" that I added. In the build project I can see tag_demo which corresponds to the c++ file that exist in the same directory.

How can I build and run my newly written c++ file and does it get added in the build project automatically ?

Thanks !!

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I guess you already re-ran CMake, or saw it re-run if you tried to build? –  Fraser Sep 25 '13 at 11:53

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