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I am trying to make it so that when you search for a location such as springfield and there are multiple springfields you can give the user the options and they can choose the correct one that fits their search. Here is my code so far but its just giving me an alert not an option to choose.

    var map = null;
      function GetMap()
      // Initialize the map
      map = new Microsoft.Maps.Map(document.getElementById("myMap"),{credentials:"AqmltT4n6VmSBxkyhUgoXy0f-KlyghT5Lg_Fzkuap8QmHBKg2uo0-5de-eLsC8zT",   mapTypeId:Microsoft.Maps.MapTypeId.road});

      // Define the pushpin location
      var loc = new Microsoft.Maps.Location(40.0000, -105.0000);

      // Retrieve the location of the map center
      var center = map.getCenter();

     // Add a pin to the center of the map
      var pin = new Microsoft.Maps.Pushpin(center, { text: '1' });

      // Center the map on the location
      map.setView({ center: loc, zoom: 4 });

     function ClickGeocode(credentials) {
      // alert("ClickGeocode");


   function MakeGeocodeRequest(credentials) {
     // alert("Credentials: " + credentials);
     var newCity = document.getElementById('txtCity').value;
     // alert(newCity);
     var geocodeRequest = "http://dev.virtualearth.net/REST/v1/Locations?query=" + encodeURI(newCity) + "&output=json&jsonp=GeocodeCallback&key=" + credentials;

    function GeocodeCallback(result) {
       if (result &&
          result.resourceSets &&
          result.resourceSets.length > 0 &&
          result.resourceSets[0].resources &&
          result.resourceSets[0].resources.length > 0) 

           for (var i =0; i < result.resourceSets[0].resources.length;i++)
         alert (result.resourceSets[0].resources[i].name);
           // Set the map view using the returned bounding box
           var bbox = result.resourceSets[0].resources[0].bbox; 
            var viewBoundaries = Microsoft.Maps.LocationRect.fromLocations(new Microsoft.Maps.Location(bbox[0], bbox[1]), new Microsoft.Maps.Location(bbox[2], bbox[3]));
           map.setView({ bounds: viewBoundaries });

           // Add a pushpin at the found location
           var location = new     Microsoft.Maps.Location(result.resourceSets[0].resources[0].point.coordinates[0], result.resourceSets[0].resources[0].point.coordinates[1]);
           var pushpin = new Microsoft.Maps.Pushpin(location);
          function CallRestService(request)

           var script = document.createElement("script");
           script.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
          script.setAttribute("src", request);
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