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I am looking for a java plotting library that might be as good as matplotlib is for python. I have done some research looking over SO questions but many of them are outdated and a lot has changed in the few years since they were asked. The suggestions that come up lead to websites that at the surface seem to be offering good libraries but my needs are immediate and I cannot afford the time to use them all and find the best through experience.

And so I am asking for your experience, can any of you recommend a graphing library that is to java as matplotlib is to python (in 2013)?

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JFreeChart or maybe even JGraph depending on your needs...Regardless you're going to need some time to learn the APIs –  MadProgrammer Sep 24 '13 at 21:30

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There's a ton of graphing libraries available for Java. Plotting libraries? Not so much. A list is availble at I am looking for a plotting library for java

If none of those cut it, Here's one some quick Googling found me. While I've never used it, based off it's description JMathPlot seems really good.

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