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I have created a map
'Map < String , Map < Integer , String > >'
in DTO and accessing it in html using thymeleaf as below:

<div class="popupui" th:each="lang,st : ${session.languages}" >                        
< label th:text="#{'language.label.' + ${lang.languageName} }" >English  < /label>
<input type="text"
    th:id="'name-' + ${lang.languageId}" class="languageId"/><a
    th:class="'flag-' + ${lang.languageName}" href="#"></a>

A processingException is coming at th:field="*{languageMap['answerAlternative'][${st.count}]}"

i have also tested the above th:field with:

< input type="text" th:field="*{languageMap [ __ ${'answerAlternative'} __ ][ __ ${st.count}__]}"/>

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According to the Thymeleaf docs,

Variable expressions not only can be written in ${...} expressions, but also in *{...} ones.

There is an important difference, though: the asterisk syntax evaluates expressions on selected objects rather than on the whole context variables map.

Are you perhaps missing the selection th:object="yourDTO" on a div that's the parent of the "popupui" div in question for you to be able to use *{...}

Further, if you intend to display the values from the "language map" shouldn't you rather be using


In any case, if you have the selection as above then the below should work


Thymeleaf Reference:

4.3 Expressions on selections (asterisk syntax)

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