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Here is the exercise that is stumping me:

Implement function partition() that splits a list of soccer players into two groups. More precisely, it takes a list of first names (strings) as input and prints the names of those soccer players whose first name starts with a letter between and including A and M.

>>>partition([''Eleanor'', ''Evelyn'', ''Sammy'', ''Owen'', ''Gavin''])
>>>partition([''Xena'', ''Sammy'', ''Gavin''])

Here is my attempt:

def partition():
    names=[''Eleanor'', ''Evenlyn'', ''Sammy'', ''Owen'', ''Gavin'']
    for name in names:
        if name[0]==''ABCDEFGHIJKLM'':
            print (name)

I know I'm going wrong in defining the letters, but I'm hitting a blank, especially because my professor suggested that I use dictionary comparisons. Is there a way to use comparisons to split the names?


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2 Answers 2

name[0] in 'ABCDEFGHIJKLM'

will tell you if a character appears in the string.

name[0] == 'ABCDEFGHIJKLM'

compares the single letter to the whole string.

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You could import string and use the pre-defined set of uppercase ASCII characters, rather than having to do it yourself:

import string
letters_a_to_m = string.ascii_uppercase[:13]

if name[0] in letters_a_to_m:
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