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for i in products.iter():
    print i

This is the code I run and the output is as follows:

localhost:desktop siddharth$ python 
{u'sem3_id': u'1IngGhlIpoOGYCiMaEASSQ', u'cat_id': u'12151', u'updated_at': 1379589873, u'height': u'213.36', u'offers_total': 13, u'category': u'Inkjet Printers', u'price_currency': u'USD', u'sem3_help': u'To view image links for this product, please upgrade your plan.', u'width': u'281.94', u'sitedetails': [{u'sku': u'B00005AL05', u'latestoffers': [{u'price': u'366.99', u'shipping': u'19.98', u'seller': u'Buy4Less Now!', u'currency': u'USD', u'lastrecorded_at': 1379589800, u'firstrecorded_at': 1377106600, u'id': u'1BA5umTG80Gkg0oi40kiOu', u'condition': u'New'}, {u'price': u'379.96', u'shipping': u'12.49', u'seller': u'Battle Distribution, LLC', u'currency': u'USD', u'lastrecorded_at': 1379589800, u'firstrecorded_at': 1374975300, u'id': u'05cPhKOvouWkGc08sKaseq', u'condition': u'New'}, {u'price': u'99.99', u'shipping': u'12.49', u'seller': u'clabro', u'currency': u'USD', u'lastrecorded_at': 1379589800, u'firstrecorded_at': 1365164600, u'id': u'7aUtWYQlLkGuygGeWOgKWu', u'condition': u'Used - Very Good'}], u'name': u'', u'url': u'', u'offers_count': 13, u'recentoffers_count': 5}], u'price': u'366.99', u'gtins': [u'00033584113910'], u'ean': u'0033584113910', u'mpn': u'C408011', u'brand': u'Epson', u'geo': [u'usa'], u'manufacturer': u'Epson', u'name': u'Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX Inkjet Printer', u'created_at': 1347483414, u'upc': u'033584113910', u'length': u'264.16', u'model': u'C408011'}

How do i make this become a python dict?

I tried making a list comprehension from the iterator used above and then doing json.loads(listcomprehension) but this gives me errors.

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You start the list with a [, okay, but then you end it with a ). Change it to a ]. () are for tuples.

>>> import json
>>> json.loads('[{"name":"same"}]')
[{u'name': u'same'}]
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@garciaj Heh, don't worry, we all have that moment – TerryA Sep 24 '13 at 23:01
hey haidro, how do you differentiate between a json string and a python dictionary? – user2737555 Sep 24 '13 at 23:11
@garciaj One's a string, one's a dictionary ;). type(data) will tell you which is which. – TerryA Sep 24 '13 at 23:12
haidro ive edited the question could you please take a look at it – user2737555 Sep 24 '13 at 23:14
@garciaj What you have looks like a dictionary to me. is that the result of printing something? I'll need to see your code – TerryA Sep 24 '13 at 23:15

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